Blackbox is a fulfillment company for designers, influencers and brands

Our mission is to help our clients label, store and ship their goods to mass market, Amazon, specialty stores, online catalogs, distributors, retailers and consumers worldwide.

Our team is dedicated to providing best-in-class fulfillment services, and we will not stop innovating. Our goal is to give clients the most efficient customer service experience possible.

From packaging, repackaging, kitting, customizing, labeling, storing and palletizing your goods to shipping your goods worldwide, we can handle it all:

  • Container or LTL (less than container) shipments
  • Customs clearance services
  • Tracking services
  • VAT requirements

That leaves you free to handle the other aspects of your business. We handle the services you need us to handle with skill, experience, efficiency and care.

We believe that the future will continue to see world class, innovative brands and creators selling their own custom products. We have designed Blackbox to help meet their needs.

We're here to help you:


  • Warehouse, package, palletize, label and ship your goods worldwide
  • Fulfill your special product launch or crowd funding campaign
  • Manufacture custom projects through our sister company Ad Magic
  • Maximize your distribution though our sister company Breaking Games


We store, organize, and track your inventory in our warehouses. From several facilities in the US and the EU, we ship all over the world! Our US 100,000-square-foot facility offers:

  • Pallet storage
  • Fulfillment and distribution to retail stores in North America, the UK, EU, and Australia
  • Kickstarter fulfillment
  • Subscription service management and fulfillment
  • Kitting, labeling, and shipping management (for B2B and B2C fulfillment)

With Blackbox’s warehousing and fulfillment services, your goods will be carefully managed from the moment they arrive on our dock, to storage in our climate-controlled warehouse, to packing up and shipping to their final destination.

Shipping and Distribution

Knowing how to get your games shipped abroad safely and expeditiously is an important part of going worldwide in distribution. Our in-house freight team guarantees you the benefit of more than 30 years of experience in shipping, logistics and customs clearance both domestically and abroad.

Collecting and Managing Data

Blackbox’s online portal means you can track your inventory always knowing exactly where you stand. Our innovative technology means you can see stock remaining and the status of every order filled. In short, you’ll have the visibility you need.

Customer Service

From the moment you contact Blackbox about launching a project, you’ll be assigned an account manager who will work with you throughout the entire process. If you have questions or aren’t sure about something, ask them; they are there to help. Your account manager will follow your product from into the warehouse, through to shipping, and out the door.


In the past 10 years there’s been an enormous increase in the number of successfully crowdfunded custom card games that we have taken to the final production stage.

Custom tabletop card and board games are one of our top specialties. Most of this is due to the success these clients have had on Kickstarter and our extensive knowledge of manufacturing procedures for these types of games.


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